Who is SLAM?


SLAM is a Metro Detroit artist collective united by a common dream to end prejudice in our region. Our goal is big, but our strategy is simple: friendships. The process happens in three stages: SLAM Live, SLAM Studios & SLAM Circles.


SLAM Live are quarterly multi-art competitions that bring artists from two different, yet similar, art forms together for a unique battle that gives the audience an unforgettable experience. Live events are build as gathering moments, where communities from vastly different backgrounds and neighborhoods.

SLAM Studios

SLAM Studios are bi-weekly hang-outs where artists get to hone their craft alongside other artists, practicing together and picking up skills we never would if we only surrounded ourselves with artists from the same medium. At these Studios, we aren't only learning from others different than us, but also befriending them.

SLAM Circles

SLAM Circles are honest discussions between people of all backgrounds, artists or not, who are willing to take on the fight against prejudice head on. It's at these Circles that we enter the ultimate process of reconciliation and truly see the fruits of our battle against the evils of division: life-long friendships.